What Animals Can You See On An African Safari?

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african safari

There is no better place to meet and see the famous African animals in the world than East Africa, Kenya in particular. Our friendly national parks and game reserves are packed with wild animals and some of the most breathtaking views.

East Africa is a wonderland of the Safari. There’s a fair chance that you already know a lot of these animals from watching The Lion King and other African wildlife documentaries. An African safari helps you to get close to these wild African animals and be astounded by their magnificent nature and beauty.

African Lion

african lion

The African lion is well known as the “king of the jungle.” The people of Masai refer to them as a shy animal.

They are generally brownish-yellow, and the males have thick black or brown manes. The manes tend to shield them when they’re fighting.

Lions are the only social breed of cat, living in pride, consisting mostly of young males and females who are related. They prey on a variety of animals, including zebras, wild bore, warthogs, buffalo, antelopes, and when they pounce they can bring down giraffes and elephants.

The female lions are very good hunters. Every year, a lion will kill 15 to 20 large animals. Much of the time, they’re hunting leopards and cheaters and other hunting animals.

African Elephant

african elephant

The African elephant is one of the largest forms of African animal you’ll see on an African safari.

African elephants live in tight-knit matriarchal communities of associated females known as herds. They are exceptionally smart, compassionate and have outstanding memories. Don’t forget that!

Elephants are also known to be able to communicate with each other over long distances. Their diet consists of bamboo, hay, bark, roots and leaves.

Rogue African elephants are known to attack farms and may consume crops such as cane, cabbage, maize and bananas. They will eat between 300 and 400 pounds of vegetation per day due to their size.

The Kenyan Cheetah & The Tanzanian Cheetah

It is said that the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. Kenya has the largest population of cheetahs in Eastern Africa.

Many tourists on the African Safari were lucky enough to witness a cheetah hunt. The adrenaline rush to experience this is inexplicable.

Kenyan Cheetahs have a sleek, long-legged body. These appear to be smaller than other cat styles and have distinctive “tear stripes” extending from the corner of the eye to the side of the nose.

Cheetahs are most common in the evenings just after dusk because they’re trying to avoid extreme heat. The Kenyan cheetah kills small hoofed creatures such as impalas, gazelles and wildebeest offspring.

They prefer to live on their own, except the young brothers of the same litter, who will live together for a short time.


african rhino

The Rhinoceros (Rhino) is the largest land animal in the world after the elephant. Out of the five species, two are African, known as black and white rhinos. All of the members of the two species have two horns.

They use their horns during mating and battle, as well as when they protect themselves from lions and other threats.

The species is a herbivore, eating leaves from bushes and trees, and feeding on plants.

Poaching and habitat destruction have impacted the number of rhinos in Africa. Nevertheless, conservation efforts like the Ol Pajeta are doing a better job of making sure the number of rhinos is rising.

Cape Buffalo

African buffaloes are one of the largest herbivores in Africa. They could weigh up to 1,500 pounds. They live in the savannahs and woods of Africa.

These are cow-like in form and come in various colours with different kinds of horns. Male Cape Buffalo use their horns to help them fight for dominance.

They live in herds of hundreds or thousands of cattle. Females and their juveniles make up one type of herd, while the dominant adult males continue to protect the herd. During dry seasons, the males separated from the herd and established bachelor groups. These African animals are big grazers and need a significant amount of green vegetation to live. They are known to swim across rivers in search of good grassland.

They’re very temperamental, and they’re known to strike without provocation. So, when you’re in an African safari, keep your distance from this African beast. Buffaloes are known to disrupt lion hunts, and when they gang up, they can easily cause serious injuries or kill a lion.

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