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Does your dog dominate the divan? Is there a critter under the covers? Do you find yourself sleeping squashed in a corner whilst your pet relaxes, fully stretched out, on YOUR BED?

Carpetright are running a new competition which hopes to expose bed hogging pets across the country. There is a £500 voucher to be won which you could put towards a larger bed! Photographic evidence is needed of your lazy lounger, so sneak out of bed and get snapping!

Hurry though you have until the 13 August to enter the competiton, here is the link: My Pet Stole My Bed

Full extent of tiger farming revealed

Wildlife Extra:

A report on tiger ‘farming’ across Asia has revealed more than 5,000 tigers in China are living in unnatural, cramped conditions, in rows of cages.

These  sites range in size from a handful of tigers to two establishments that have more than 1,000 tigers in each, and are often open to the public, with tigers displayed in entertainment shows…

Wildlife volunteer pleads guilty to hoarding the rotting bodies of 300 birds, turtles and possums in her mother’s $1million home to avoid jail

Daily Mail:

A longtime volunteer with an animal protection organization in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges.

Authorities found more than 300 dead birds and animals in the Little Silver home of 56-year-old Gretchen Rell’s 95-year-old mother…

Bestiality vet Oliver Lown struck off

BBC News:

A vet who was filmed having sex with a horse and a dog has been struck off his profession’s register.

Oliver Fraser Lown of Kesgrave, Suffolk was found guilty of five charges by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) disciplinary committee.

Videos were found in his possession showing him engaging in sexual activity with animals, as were extreme images of animals and people, the RCVS heard…

No more public money for millionaire grouse shoot owners!

Animal Aid’s brand new report – Calling the Shots 2014 – about the grouse shooting industry is out now. It reveals that, under the current government, wealthy moorland shoot owners are receiving even larger public subsidies than before as they go about their industrial scale slaughter of wildlife and rural vandalism. We need your help to bring them into line.

Their killing of wild animals and damaging of environmentally precious areas is so that unnaturally large populations of red grouse can be nurtured as live targets for ‘guns’.

Our new report outlines some worrying developments:

  • In April, the bodies of 16 red kites and six buzzards were discovered near Inverness in what is believed to be the largest recorded mass poisoning of birds of prey.
  • The government has rejected a petition to license shoots and gamekeepers, even though more than 10,000 people signed it.
  • At least 127 separate consents that allow burning to take place on legally protected blanket bogs have been agreed by Natural England.
  • Moorland Payment subsidies – meant for farmers – are to nearly double, despite fears that much of the money could end up in the pockets of grouse moor owners.
  • The cost of a gun licence has been frozen at £50 – following the reported intervention of David Cameron – even though the police state that the cost of processing each application is £196.

Please help us with our two main campaign objectives:

  • End the use of public money to subsidise grouse shoots
  • Introduce state licensing for shoots and gamekeepers – the retention of such licences being dependent on adherence to wildlife protection laws

Please take action and email Defra now