A challenge to the shooting community as illegal bird of prey killing continues


Illegal persecution continues to deprive the UK countryside of our native birds of prey and we are challenging leaders in the shooting community to acknowledge this and take real action to stop the killing. 

Birdcrime 2013 reveals 164 reports of shooting and destruction of birds of prey including confirmed shooting of two hen harriers, two marsh harriers, five peregrines and 28 buzzards. It also included 74 reported incidents of wildlife poisoning and pesticide-related offences. Confirmed victims of poisoning include 30 buzzards, 20 red kites, a golden eagle and a white-tailed eagle. These figures are believed to represent only a fraction of the illegal persecution in the UK, with many incidents thought to be going undetected and unreported…

Declining pond wildlife to get extra protection

Western Daily Press:

More than £1.3 million has been awarded to a scheme that will train thousands of “citizen scientists” to monitor and protectwildlife-rich ponds and streams.

The funding aims to help tackle the drastic declines in freshwater wildlife, which have seen populations tumble by three-quarters globally since 1970, according to conservation charity WWF’s recently-released Living Planet report…

150 cats in “deplorable condition” found in home of known cat hoarder

CBS News:

Authorities have found 150 cats in a New York home owned by a woman who along with her sister was stopped four years ago by police who discovered 77 cats in their cars.

State Police Sgt. S.P. Dauphinais tells the Albany Times-Union that the Rensselaer County home is in “deplorable condition.” He says officials removed 80 cats Tuesday and will return for the remaining 70 on Wednesday…

EXCLUSIVE – ‘I watched in horror as vile dog meat trader butchered two frightened pets at my feet then boiled them alive': Horrifying defiance of dealers who murder man’s best friend

Daily Mail:

I confronted a dog meat trader in Vietnam today over the theft and slaughter of family pets for food – then watched in horror as he had two terrified dogs butchered in front of me and thrown alive into a vat of boiling water…

Vegan fashion label Vaute Couture designs limited edition apparel to help end cosmetics animal testing in Canada

New York fashion designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of vegan label Vaute Couture aims to help take animal testing out of the beauty industry in Canada with a bunny-themed T-shirt designed exclusively for the #BeCrueltyFree campaign.

The limited edition apparel — featuring the slogan “No Bunny Deserves to be Tested On”– goes on sale today at Vaute’s boutique in Brooklyn, New York, and online. A percentage of sales from each shirt will be donated to support the #BeCrueltyFree Canada campaign.

#BeCrueltyFree is the largest, most effective global campaign to achieve a worldwide end to cosmetics animal testing. Such testing has now been banned throughout the European Union, Israel and India, and, thanks to #BeCrueltyFree campaigning, similar bans have also been proposed in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Taiwan and the United States. In Canada however, while not specifically required by law, animal testing for cosmetics remains legal, and the practice continues unabated.

Aviva Vetter, HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree Canada campaigner, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Vaute Couture on this project to take the cruelty out of beauty in Canada. Canadians overwhelmingly support a ban on animal testing for cosmetics, yet our country is falling far behind other nations in confronting this needless cruelty. By purchasing our special edition Vaute Couture bunny tee shirt, consumers will help send a strong message to the Canadian government that it’s time to step up and #BeCrueltyFree.”

Vaute (pronounced “vote”) Couture broke history this year as the first all-vegan label to show at New York Fashion Week, and counts Angela Kinsey, Alicia Silverstone, Emily Deschanel and Oprah Winfrey amongst its celebrity fans. Hilgart chose a white rabbit for her design, because they are one of the most common animals to suffer for cosmetics testing. Rabbits are routinely held in full body restraints so that chemicals can be applied to their eyes and skin, causing eye reddening, swelling, ulceration, even blindness, skin cracking and bleeding.

Hilgart said: “I strongly believe that animal cruelty should always be out of fashion – and that applies to cosmetics too – so I was honored to team up with the #BeCrueltyFree campaign. A rabbit seemed the natural choice for my design, because they’ve come to symbolize the suffering of animals dying for our beauty. No animal should have to endure that, and I’m proud that Vaute Couture can be part of the #BeCrueltyFree movement for change in Canada and the rest of the world.”

Hilgart was branded “the rebel of Fashion Week” by CNN News, and Vaute was named one of the most innovative businesses of NYC by Business Insider. Oprah.com said “Vaute proves that animal free clothes can be cute and sexy”.

Say “no” to cruel cosmetics in Canada by purchasing your Vaute Couture apparel and by signing the #BeCrueltyFree petition to the Government of Canada.

Europe Must Not Allow Animal Testing for Cosmetics to Happen Through the Back Door

PETA Blog:

People all over Europe celebrated last year when the ban on animal testing for cosmetics in the European Union came into full force.

So we were deeply concerned when a joint statement from the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) this week confirmed that cruel tests on animals for cosmetics ingredients will continue under theRegistration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation, the world’s biggest animal testing programme.

Here’s our statement on the issue:

PETA believes that the cosmetics testing ban is a vital start, an important and big step forward, but that there is more to be done.

Despite the clear mandate from the public and international governments on this issue, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is still insisting on testing chemicals used in cosmetics for which there is a possibility of workforce exposure during manufacturing processes, and that means that animals will, in fact, continue to die in tests of cosmetics ingredients, something most people in the world do not want to happen.

It is inexcusable in these times that animals can be forced to suffer and die for testing cosmetics ingredients in a saturated marketplace, especially considering the wide availability of vastly superior non-animal tests. PETA and its affiliates are determined to press to uphold the public’s opposition to cosmetics testing and the advancement of innovative, humane testing methods by pushing the ECHA to fulfil the spirit of the law by never testing cosmetics ingredients on animals, no matter what the circumstances are.

Please be certain that you’re not supporting cruel and completely unnecessary tests on animals by consulting PETA US’ international list of cruelty-free companies here.

TV’s Louis Theroux highlights shocking case of animal neglect after bonding with dog at rescue centre


October is National Dog Adoption Month, a campaign which various celebrities are backing in the hope of encouraging more people to rescue abandoned animals.

Documentary maker Louis Theroux visited the Mayhew Animal Home in North West London yesterday, and was particularly taken with one of the dogs…