Former stripper and undercover detective Kim Hollingsworth convicted AGAIN of animal neglect and ordered to pay $100K for starving her horses

Daily Mail:

Former police informant and Kings Cross stripper Kim Hollingsworth has been ordered to pay more than $100,000 in vet costs after she was convicted of starving her horses.

The 48-year-old faced 14 charges of animal neglect against four horses at properties at Brownlow Hill and Mulgoa in Sydney in late 2013…

Chick-fil-A supplier accused of animal abuse after being caught on camera kicking, throwing and burning alive its chickens

Daily Mail:

Suppliers to one of America’s biggest poultry chains have been accused of animal cruelty after its workers were apparently filmed kicking, throwing and burning chickens alive.

Animal rights group Mercy for Animals has released undercover footage which it claims was recorded at a Tennessee slaughterhouse run by Chick-fil-A supplier Koch Foods…

Ex-UKIP candidate David Evans jailed for animal cruelty

BBC News:

A farmer who was set to stand as a UKIP candidate in Cornwall has been jailed for four months for animal cruelty.

David Evans, from Week St Mary, near Bude, was also banned from keeping sheep and ordered to pay costs of £714.

At Bodmin Magistrates’ Court, he admitted six charges of causing suffering and improperly storing carcasses.

HSI/India heads to Nepal in unprecedented mission to save animals from brutal sacrifice

The State of Bihar reported that 271 illegally transported animals have been confiscated at the India/Nepal border ahead of the Gadhimai festival animal sacrifice. This is welcome news for animal protection group Humane Society International/India, which is hopeful the number of animals killed in this year’s sacrifice will be much reduced following a co-ordinated action plan. HSI recently undertook a special mission to Nepal in collaboration with People for Animals and Animal Welfare Network Nepal where they met the President and the Prime Minister of Nepal, as well as Temple officials to call for a suspension of the sacrifice of half a million buffalo, goats and hens.

Last month, the Supreme Court of India, in response to a petition filed by PFA Trustee and HSI consultant Mrs Gauri Maulekhi, passed an interim order directing the Government of India to prevent animals being illegally transported across the border for sacrifice at Gadhimai. The court also asked animal protection groups and others to devise an action plan to ensure the court order is implemented. In response, border checks have been increased and the State of Bihar has confirmed in a report that 47 arrests have been made and 271 animals have been seized in the past month.

HSI also immediately swung into action with an unprecedented week-long visit to Nepal to plead directly with temple officials and the president. A further HSI delegation is preparing to travel again to Nepal next week to patrol the perimeter of the festival site to ensure first-hand that the court order is implemented effectively and that as many animals as possible are confiscated and cared for. As around 70 per cent of the animals to be sacrificed will come from India, this border task force has the potential to significantly reduce the number of animals to be killed.

N.G. Jayasimha managing director of HSI/India said: “I am very pleased that we were able to sit down with the Nepali President, Prime Minister and other politicians, to speak up for the hundreds of thousands of innocent animals who are condemned to an utterly unjustified beheading at Gadhimai. We also spoke directly to the Gadhimai Temple and the local magistrate, so they can be in no doubt of the overwhelming call for compassion. We sincerely hope that they will act to stop this unnecessary bloodshed.”

“It is with a heavy heart that our team will be returning to Gadhimai, but it is a potentially life-saving mission and we will do the very best we can for these animals. The Government of Bihar and the District Magistrates are to be congratulated for the exemplary job they have done thus far, and together we expect to be able to at least substantially reduce the number of animals sacrificed. We wish we could save them all, but we will do everything we can.”

The Gadhimai Festival in Bara district takes place every five years. It began on 15 November, 2014 with the sacrifice scheduled for November 28 and 29.  The animals are sacrificed during a two-day ritual to appease Goddess Gadhimai, the largest religious slaughter in the world.

A Supreme Court Hearing will take place on 21 November, 2014.

HSI/India representatives are available for interview, and will be producing photo and video reports of their task force patrol at the festival site in Nepal.

Mass protest against AstraZeneca HQ in Cambridge threatened by animal rights activists and environmentalists

Cambridge News:

A mass protest against AstraZeneca in Cambridge has been threatened by animal rights activists who say “it will be the new Huntingdon Life Sciences”.

An alliance of city residents, animal rights campaigners and environmentalists are against the pharmaceutical giant’s plans for a global headquarters and animal testing lab in Cambridge…

House builder looks to boost bumblebee population

Housebuilder Redrow has been busy building homes of a different kind in a bid to reverse a serious decline in the UK’s bumblebee population.

As the first major housebuilder to partner with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT), Redrow has made a commitment to introduce a series of eco-friendly habitats to boost bumblebee numbers and support other local wildlife, starting with the grounds of its UK headquarters in North Wales.

It’s the beginning of a 12-month partnership, which will see Redrow support the work of the Trust with promotional activities and initiatives at its offices and developments across England and Wales.

Alongside new wildflower planting at St David’s Park, in Ewloe, Flintshire, the FTSE-250 company has also created valuable new homes for a range of birds and animals including bug shelters, small bee hives, bird boxes, including some with cameras to monitor nesting, bird roosting pouches and hedgehog homes.

Nigel Smith, Redrow’s Group research and sustainability director, said: “It’s fantastic to be joining forces with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We are firmly focussed on sustainability and taking care of the environments in which we operate. We wanted to mark the start of this special partnership with some positive action to boost bumblebee and wildlife numbers closest to home, at our Group head office.”

Lucy Rothstein, BBCT’s CEO, commented: “We are excited to be working with Redrow to create beautiful and harmonious landscapes for bumblebees that are in tune with nature, both at St David’s Park and at future developments throughout the UK.

“As a responsible developer of new build homes, Redrow could set the industry standard for collaboration with a wildlife NGO. The association between the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Redrow provides the perfect platform for Redrow to promote its environmental credentials both within the local communities that host developments and at its head office. We hope it creates a real buzz!”

Talking about the new landscaping at St David’s Park, which is home to a number of businesses, a hotel, pub and a residential area, Nigel added: “We already had a number of bat and bird boxes on the park, which are inspected annually. The new wildlife housing has been positioned to hopefully ensure maximum occupancy before the breeding season in the spring. This will also provide some much needed shelter
in the long cold winter months. As well as the obvious benefits they bring for local wildlife, we hope our neighbouring businesses and residents will also take enjoyment from the new features.”

The three wildflower areas comprise around 400² m of bee and butterfly friendly planting and add colour to the landscape. Redrow has worked closely with BBCT on the project and hopes to create further areas in the future.

A registered charity, BBCT was established because of serious concerns about the plight of the bumblebee. In the last 80 years bumblebee populations have declined dramatically. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have seen their numbers plummet. The Trust works to raise awareness and increase understanding about bumblebees and to support their conservation. Bumblebees pollinate crops and wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.

Have a Hoppy Holidays with #BeCrueltyFree Bunny Branded Gifts to Help End Cosmetics Animal Testing

Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign to end cosmetics animal testing have got your Holiday gifts all wrapped up this year with super-cute doggie tshirts and collars, cell phone cases, jewelry, PJs, mugs, make-up mirrors and a huge range of branded baseball shirts, vest tops and tshirts. There’s even cool clothes for kids, baby wear and bib, plus maternity wear! Buy online at the #BeCruelty store!

#BeCrueltyFree is the world’s largest and most effective campaign for a worldwide end to cruel animal testing of cosmetics such as lip stick and shampoo. Such testing has already been successfully banned throughout the European Union, as well as Norway, Israel and India, and thanks to the #BeCruelyFree team there are also bans being considered in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Taiwan and the United States.

You can support HSI’s global efforts by choosing your Holiday gifts from their #BeCrueltyFree shop – all proceeds go to helping end cosmetics animal suffering.

Great #BeCrueltyFree Gifts:

Doggie t-shirt

Every cool canine needs this #BeCrueltyFree branded tshirt from American Apparel. Your pooch will be the envy of all the pups in the park, sending out a message that all animals deserve to be treated with compassion.

Dog tag

This chic and smart-looking pet tag in a lovely open square design, carries the #BeCrueltyFree logo on one side, leaving the other side clear for engraving your pet pal’s details.

Onsie & PJs

This pink plush front-zip onesie will keep you warm and snuggly this winter. It features a hood and kangaroo front pocket, with the #BeCrueltyFree slogan on the back. A women’s PJ set would also make the perfect gift, available in red or pink plaid, elephant design, b/w checker etc

Stocking Stuffers

Everything from a fun beach tote bag, to hip phone cases, water bottles, key chains and even cufflinks – there’s something for everyone’s cruelty-free Christmas!

Wendy Higgins, Communications Director at Humane Society International, said:
“Thousands of animals still suffer for the beauty industry in countries around the world, but you and your doggie best friend can show that you care by wearing our exclusive #BeCrueltyFree branded gear or choosing from our #BeCrueltyFree range when buying your Christmas gifts.”

A better life for five poor lions from a closed zoo in Romania

Last week a vet team from the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS treated five old lions with a sad past from a closed zoo in Northern Romania. The big cats lived in the zoo of Baia Mare under horrible conditions until it was closed in August 2013. Most of the 100 animals living there at the time were transferred to other Romanian zoos. The remaining animals – five lions and a baboon – were sheltered in a very small enclosure with a cement floor, which is supported by the city hall.

The FOUR PAWS veterinarians Dr Cornel Stoenescu and Dr Ovidiu Rosu, who specialise in the treatment of wild animals, conducted a general medical check on all five lions Furthermore, they sterilized the males and implanted hormonal implants to  he females for contraception. The whole FOUR PAWS team was relieved when the veterinarians concluded that despite the lions living in an enclosure totally inappropriate to their species, they are still in a good physical condition.

“Despite their age, the animals are in good shape. The operations worked very well,and together with my colleague we successfully finished the entire medical checkprocedure,” explained Dr Cornel Stoenescu. The five big cats have been fortunate in their misfortune. In recent years, the lions were cared for by a local veterinarian, who did his best to provide better conditions for the animals. “The survival of the animals was due entirely to the personal dedication of the local vet,” said Dr Stoenescu. “He made great effort to  rovide the best conditions in the worst possible circumstances.”

But the fate of the five lions is now set to improve. The city hall of Baia Mare has agreed that FOUR PAWS will transfer the five animals next year to the FOUR PAWS big cats sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa, where they will live in wide enclosures under the South African sun, with proper food and medical treatment. “We are very happy that another city hall took the right decision to give the big cats to FOUR PAWS so they can be transferred to LIONSROCK,” stated Ioana Dungler, Director of Projects at FOUR PAWS. “We ask the Romanian authorities to implement the legislation and to improve the living conditions not only of the big cats but also of hundreds of other wild animals in  omanian zoos. These animals urgently need a better life.”

In Romania there are 26 zoological gardens, of which 6 have lost their authorisation to operate due to non-compliance to minimum standards for keeping of wild animals. As the authorities rarely find a solution for relocation, the animals are kept for years in the same small enclosures, without proper food or medical care. 24 big cats are still suffering in  nauthorized Romanian zoos in appalling circumstances.